Guardians of the Galaxy was just so much fun (and the best space adventure I’ve seen since Star Wars!), and I loved all the characters so much but these two were my faves. :D because RIVAL SPACE ASSASSINS

I JUST WANT MORE NEBULA AND GAMORA BACKSTORY AND INTERACTION please please please let this be a thing in the next movie


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Carol Danvers and Ronan the Accuser

Then and Now

Our hopes, our fears, our emotions…they don’t make us weaker. They make us stronger. They make us unbeatable.

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I do not know what to do…

Imagine you were the silent King of a marvelous city called Attilan. Imagine that your voice was so resonant — so innately powerful — that your merest whisper could level mountains. Imagine you were given one chance to explain what you had done. What would you say? […] What can you say to your wife, Medusa — the woman with whom you share so much? Will she ever truly understand the intensity of the feelings you have for her — while at the same time understanding why the weight of your responsibilities… forces you to remain alone?”  

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Guillem March


"This is a crooked path,​ I think I was meant to be next to you, to you”

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So I found Doug Dimmadome at Dragon Con